Harley-Davidson Goes on the Offensive, Plans to Gain 1 Million Riders by 2027

It is not the first plan America’s favorite motorcycle builder, Harley-Davidson, comes up with to increase its customer pool, but it may be, by far, the most ambitious. As per Harley, if everything goes according to plan, the brand should have 1 million more customers by the end of the next decade, and that in the United States alone.

Presently engaged in an effort to launch a new - and its first -  line of electric motorcycles, Harley believes it could do better in terms of sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. To prove this, the More Roads to Harley-Davidson accelerated growth strategy was announced a while back.

Initially, that plan called, among others, for the launch of the LiveWire electric motorcycle in 2019, and the launch of multiple middleweight motorcycles. Now, the plan has a more customer-oriented component as well.

By 2027, the company intends to have 4 million riders in the U.S. alone, way up from the 3 million reported for 2017.

“We see a meaningful opportunity to leverage the power of the brand to demonstrate how riding a Harley-Davidson fills the mind, body, and soul in ways that help riders live for real,” said in a statement Matt Levatich, president and chief executive officer of Harley-Davidson.

“We’ll continue to fuel all aspects of the riding experience and add new solutions to fully develop, engage and retain riders through their journey, starting with the very first spark of interest.”

One of the main tools Harley will use in attracting more riders is of course the LiveWire, the first in a new breed of bikes.

The machine is already on sale, and it ships with free charging of 500 kWh over two years for anyone buying it by July 2021. That means roughly 30 full fills for the bike’s batteries and a total of 2,850 miles (4,586 km).

The LiveWire electric motorcycle starts at $29,799.

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